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rockababy Brand sells original tattoo style artwork screenprinted on 100% cotton tees, onesies, hoodies, rompers, and more. Our designs are 100% original artwork emphasizing tattoo style. We wanted to create unique stylish designs that were edgy and baby friendly. We offer tattoo designs on baby and toddler clothing. Our screenprinted baby and toddler clothes are high quality. The screenprinting is beautifully executed, the designs expertly crafted; and the tee, onesies, hoodies, rompers, and more are soft and thick and 100% cotton. The tattoo designs are fun and stylish. We offer rocker babies, rocker toddlers, punk babies and punk toddlers a way to sport their 'tudes! We have 5 designs at this time. We have the Mom Tattoo tee, onesie, hoodie or romper with heart, birds and banner. We have the Dad Tattoo tee, onesie, hoodie, and romper with heart, dagger and banner. We offer two styles of the Koi Tattoo design with lotus flowers. A colorful version on white tees and onesies, and a black, white and red version on black tees and hoodies. We also offer two styles of the rockababy Brand Logo. We have the traditional version on white tees and onesies, black tees, rompers and hoodies, or the pink version on a pink romper. The Phoenix Tattoo design is currently only available on white tees and onesies. Our tattoo designs are not found anywhere else. We have new tattoo baby clothes and tattoo toddler clothes in the design studio so check back soon!

rockababy Brand is a tiny mommy run business.

Illustrations are created by Illustrator and Designer Andrea Murphy.
Koi Tattoo

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